Mountain Bike

Discover the satisfaction of cycling through a breathtaking visual landscape. The trips are open to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to see the remote Otago, New Zealand hill country scenery.

The trails take in a variety of grades and terrain from easy open tracks to uneven, steep up-hill and down-hill sections as well as crossing high country streams. Fantastic riding along sheep tracks, 4x4 vehicle tracks, formed farm tracks and open tussock land. The trails vary, depending on how extreme you would like your ride to be (or not!). The options are endless, allowing members of your party to choose the ride for the day that will suit their level of fitness and sense of adventure. 

To ride these trails you must have previous MTB experience (competence at changing tyres etc.), you must carry any necessary spare tools/parts with you, and a good level of fitness is essential.


We recommend full suspension or hard tail bikes.