We have 2 grades of difficulty:

  • Intermediate
  • Difficult

Red is Parasol Trail (Intermediate)
Cross and follow the Parasol creek through Beech forest remnants and shrub lands. Coming across wild deer is extremely possible. Pass through the Olearia Fimbriata (tree daisy) conservation reserve. 13.5km

Yellow is Leithen Loop (Difficult)
Experienced riders can tackle this more challenging option to the Parasol hut. It will take you up through shrublands, into the snow tussock altitudes, past the stands of mature beech forest reserve, and along the boundary of the Leithen Scenic reserve. Descend through the Ferny saddle and climb back into the sub alpine shrublands for great views into the scenic reserve. Then prepare yourself for the breath taking descend to join the Parasol track taking you to the hut. 10kms

Green is Tongue Spur Loop (Difficult)
Head up the steep climb to the skyline! Amazing 360 degree views of the Southland and West Otago plains, The Blue Mountains, Lammerlaw Range, the Dome hills and right to the beginning of the Remarkables . This trail takes you through snow tussocks along the Umbrella Mountain Range. It will give you a feeling of no boundaries. It is worth the grunt. 14.9km

Purple is Sandhills Trail (Intermediate)
Most of this trail is through snow tussocks and grasslands giving you extended views of inland hill country farming. 7.4km

Blue is Whitespur Trail (Difficult)
Along the Pomahaka river and then head inland again. A steady climb up a grass track through a conservation covenant of native plants. Continue on up to the viewing platform of "Trig J". This has panoramic views over The Blue Mountains, West Otago and Southland plains and even gives you views to Steward Island on a clear day. 13km

Orange is Devil's Gorge Trail (Intermediate)
The Devil's Gorge Trail follows the Pomahaka River on the formed Station Road. Overlook Devils Gorge with it's steep and rocky bluffs to the silver beech and mixed beech forest along the river banks. Stop above one of the numerous river holes. Try your luck spotting a fish. 8.1km